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There was a time when people used to do their branding only by decorating the product in their shop. Then as social media developed and people showed their attraction in social media to promote business, the trend of sharing the photo on social media of the product started. Today everyone shares product photos daily to promote their business on social media. But now this thing is not new, there is a change in people's media literacy and choice. Due to this change, the competition also increases considerably; due to which people have better options. In such a situation, it is very difficult to develop and maintain your brand image. In this measure, the business has started moving towards professionalizing their product photos. To keep their every product attractive, they keep attracting everyone by putting product photos on social media daily. But now the trend of sharing only the product image on social media has become out-dated. Now it is very important to make quality professional posters to attract people to your product in a more professional way. How to take product photos with socially app and correlates catchy contents, creative design and colours with which you can change in one touch to draw more from it. In these templates you can create multiple posts at a time; this is a very cheap, attractive, fast, and professional way to do advance banding. Now any businesses creates daily posts with stunning images with Socially App.

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