How To Photograph Jewellery For Instagram?

To attract audience for your online jewellery business, first and foremost need is good quality and beautiful picture of your jewellery. Though your product quality is perfect, you need to know how to photograph jewellery that shines and attract people. It might be overwhelming initially about the different shapes, lighting, perfect angles and background to have an appealing photograph of your jewellery. But trust us; it is not a rocket science. There are few most important things to consider while taking photos of jewellery. High quality jewellery photos photographed on a white background is the most popular way of shooting jewellery.  To take necklace photos on the white background, you can use the jewellery photography supplies like pendant stands, and bowls. It will give the jewellery a pleasant and realistic shape. To add elegance to your product, I recommend using black display on a white background. The goal for jewellery photography is to create a soft light with not many shadows. Working on a black background makes this task easier. Use pastel colour palette to add personality and depth to the jewellery range. Photo of jewellery should show how it looks in real life, and not just on the display. It is not necessary to photograph a portrait, sometimes a hand or neck will be enough. Jewellery should shine and interact with audience through your posts. Also, to engage with audience effectively, you would need a creative content on your product posts. Just share visually appealing posters with creative content on Instagram and gain more customers for your jewellery business.

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