Instagram Stories For Business

Creating innovative Instagram stories for your business can be fun as well as challenging. Instagram stories are the best ways to connect with your audience, build brand awareness and promote sales. You can either post a photo or video in your Instagram story. If it is a photo, it will generally show for about 5 seconds and if it is a video, it will show for a maximum of 15 seconds. All content remains on stories for 24 hours unless deleted by the user who posted it. Instagram Stories does not follow the same format or possibilities of a traditional Instagram post. Instagram stories allow you to apply filters, text, stickers, GIFs, polls, freehand drawing and much more. Instagram stories are fun and creative arena to advertise. It is important to choose the objective of your Instagram story ad carefully. Your objective should best describe your motive, so you can reach your target audience easily. When you use Instagram stories for business, it allows viewers to connect more with your business, which in overtime builds a trust in your business. The more that a user interacts with your Instagram Stories, the more likely your posts will show up in their feed. Now we know that Instagram stories are fun and creative way to interact with your target audience. To have more views, all you need is innovative graphic design templates for your awesome products with correlated engaging content. Visually appealing poster with engaging content is a sure way to drive more Instagram traffic and boost sales.

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