Optimize Your Webpage For Voice Search

As a business, you have to evolve with the trends and evolving customer’s behaviour to go ahead as a successful business in this overly crowded market. People started using voice search rather than typing words to look for their needs. Google voice search adds convenience to their lives and this can be done by tapping microphone icon on the right corner of the search field. A recent survey says that voice search will be 50% of all searches that happen on the internet in 2020. Many teenagers are using voice search over typing and this clearly indicates voice search is going to be the important part of content marketing in near future. So, it is essential for us to optimize our business page for that to get noticed by our potential customers. Typed queries are different from voice searches. In a typical web search, keywords are focussed and user intent is not exactly figured. Users need to browse through the links to find the suitable content that they are looking for. But in voice search, people are looking for a definite answer from search engines. Businesses need to understand these user behaviours and optimize their content for it. Focus on voice friendly keywords like “how”, “what” and use long –tail keyword to reach targeted users. Adopting the voice search and incorporating your webpage content accordingly will benefit your business in the long run. Socially app is right here to enhance your webpage content. This app provides you with amazing graphic design posters with highly engaging correlated content for your products in best prices. You can further enhance the poster by adjusting its color to match your products. Share these trending posters on your webpage to attract audience and market your business successfully.

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