Call To Action (CTA) Marketing

Call to action (CTA) is a part of marketing strategy or a piece of valuable content that encourages the audience to perform a desired action. The goal is to guide the audience throughout their buying process so they will eventually make a purchase. Let us dig more about this strategy to learn about how to turn your visitors into your potential buyers. You could have come across “Buy now”, “learn more” or “Register today” in many of the websites. All these are the examples of CTA tactics. In this marketing campaign the goal is to engage the reader and encourage him to click that button. Else, they may totally forget about the ad and you will lose them forever. You can’t expect the audience to buy immediately on landing your website. You need to allure them by explaining the benefits of your products/services and how it solves their purpose. To understand better, let us look how Netflix used this strategy to become successful. Their CTA statement was “Join free for a month”. Netflix know already that people will enjoy the free trial but may have the fear of subscribing for longer durations. Netflix ripped this fear too by saying “Cancel anytime”. This attracted many users to join Netflix and now they are able to be successful even before giants like Amazon prime. Socially app can make alluring posters for your CTA statement. In this app you get stunning posters with highly engaging content which will attract the audience to purchase the product. You can optimize the poster further by adjusting its color in relevant to your products. Share these stunning posters along with your CTA statement and turn your prospects to long lasting customers.

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